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How to : Clear/Delete History in Browsers?

Very Simple steps to clear or delete history in browsers. sometimes, it may differ from OS to OS. but you can follow the below ground rules. Firefox 3.7 & Above : Click on Menus : History>Show All History>Under Library Click on the period you want to delete. > Right click on item and choose delete. Chrome Browser : Click on wrench icon>choose History item>Click on Edit item on right top>Clear all browsing data. Internet Explorer: Click on Internet Options from Menu>Click on delete under Browsing History Panel. Happy Surfing and cleaning

How to : edit an exisiting blog post in Widows Live Writer thru blogengine.net?

With the Windows Live Writer (WLW) you can create or open local draft version of a post. but Windows Live writer don't have a feature of editing the existing posted blogs. But I found one plugin which is very useful to edit the existing blog. When I search for the edit an existing blog post in google, I came across with the below nice plugin. Download the below plugin and install it on your machine. http://aovestdipaperino.com/pages/wlw-post-download-plugin-instructions.aspx Syntax to open an existing blog post is wlw://www.yourdomain.com/?postid=[postid]. Here http should be replaced with wlw. when you hit above link with your domain information and post id, existing post will open in Windows Live Writer. Edit existing post thru BlogEngine blog Under the PostView.ascx user control, add below code where ever you would like to show the "Edit in WLW" link.   <asp:LoginView runat="server" ID="LoginView1"><LoggedInTemplate> <a href="<%=Utils.AbsoluteWebRoot.ToString().Replace("http","wlw") + "?postid=" + Post.Id%>" rel="bookmark">Edit in WLW</a> </LoggedInTemplate></asp:LoginView>  

How to : Add app_code custom control into aspx page

Some time back, I was struggling to include the custom control to a page which I have created under the app_code folder to aspx page. Manually, I have done this with tags and so on. But I couldn't register it to the page. I felt I stuck here and there is no option to do that so. But I have noticed that many places of sample application, They referred the simple custom control in their pages. Below is that simple option to refer the custom controls to your asp.net pages.1.      Go to the aspx page design mode.2.      Register your control with the below template<%@ Register Assembly="__code" TagPrefix="[TagPrefix]" Namespace="Your.Namespace" %>3.      And use the control with the below syntax<[TagPrefix]: [TagPrefix] id=”” runat=server></<[TagPrefix]>Now you can easily compile and referrer the custom control under app_code folder.

How to : get content data type inside a string in C#?

By default, .NET have the features of identifying the data type inside a string. Everybody using this feature already in our day-to-day development activity. i.e. none other than TryParse. This TryParse method will help us in identifying the right type from the string. [More]

How to : convert a string content to native data type in C#

Most of the .NET data type having the TryParse method. This method will take input of the string and try to convert the value to the base type if it is successful, it ll return the converted value into out parameter and returns boolean value. This method will be helpful at the time of converting a string to a specific data type. [More]

How to : Use conditional WHERE clause using CASE statement in MS SQL Query

Adding case statement in where clause sometime we may not get the exact output we required. some solution suggested to add or condition instead of using case statement which again not giving desired results. but one solution I have found using case statement in where clause in reverse way. [More]

How to : fix SQL timeout error from ASP.NET (Parameter Sniffing)?

Recently, I have faced an issue while developing an application using MS SQL 2008 and ASP.NET. I have created a SP which is running fine in from SQL Server Management Studio. But, When I execute it thru the asp.net application, it is timing out. i tried debugging and doing R&D. but in vein. later on i found the reason in the web saying parameter sniffing. Parameter sniffing? Oh yes. this is new to me. what is this by the way? [More]
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